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My daughter Shanta4April 2, 2020Details
Celebrating Calvins 30 bd and Graduation5March 26, 2020Details
Healing8March 25, 2020Details
Healing 7March 24, 2020Details
Seeking Guidance7March 24, 2020Details
School 7March 23, 2020Details
Salvation11November 6, 2019Details
Revival11August 20, 2019Details

My daughter Shanta

Beverly Stackhouse
She's having a baby shower this Saturday. I've been praying for the lord to intervene. She says there maybe 50 people there.

Celebrating Calvins 30 bd and Graduation

Gail Johnson-Larson
Thank you >I am able to find favor with my employer to travel to Phoenix to celebrate my son's birthday and his graduation. I am to Flyi out of Rockford on April 24 and return home on May 1, blessings. Love you all to life


Linda Jones
My grandchildren in California grandmother who's name is Cindy has to have her leg amputated. She sustained an injury to her foot and because she is diabetic and on dialysis this is the doctors treatment plan. Cindy is in the hospital and scared about.the procedure.


I need prayer for healing in my body. About a year ago I started have pain all throughout my body. Also I started having panic attacks. I don't have panic attacks anymore but I do have anxiety. Every time I go to the doctor I get anxious and my blood pressure and heart rate rises.

Seeking Guidance

Rickey Lewis
Pray that my spirit be open to God and Jesus for this new start in Service him where im at now. And the church im attend. And for me and the Pastor to connect with each other. Pray for my family .


Laura Robinson
I ask for prayer to help me get through the remaining of this semester that will now be self directed online. I am praying for patience, Confidence, and wisdom!! Thanks to all my church family, love you all!!!


Jenna Mitine
Friend of mine, Katherine, grew up in Christian family, but going through life lost her believes and become an atheist. Please, pray so that she would be delivered from false empty teaching that brings nowhere. May God intervene and shine a light on her, as He is forgiving and merciful. May she find a new path that leads to life with God. Thank you for your prayers!


Philip Williams
I am praying for the souls that will be saved as a result of the preaching and teaching of God's word in our communities in Jesus name!
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